"Why NYU" Writing Guide & Examples: NYU Application 2021-22 | CollegeAdvisor.com (2023)

"Why NYU" Writing Guide & Examples: NYU Application 2021-22 | CollegeAdvisor.com (1)

Not sure how to approach the "Why NYU" essay message? CollegeAdvisor.com's "Why NYU" Essay Guide will show you exactly how to write an engaging "Why NYU" essay to maximize your chances for admission. This guide will also reference CollegeAdvisor's "Why NYU" sample essays.articlesince last year. The article includes two sample "Why NYU" essays by students who have been admitted to NYU. We also reference feedback from former admissions officers on the success of each "Why NYU" essay.

If you need help writing your NYU application essay answers, create youraccountoschedule a free consultationby calling (844) 343-6272.

New York University (new york university) Writing guide Quick facts:

  • For the Class of 2025, NYU has accepted12.8% of candidatesto its New York campus.usa newsconsider this schoolmore selective.
  • We recommend responding to NYU's required essay and any additional requests comprehensively and carefully.

What is New York University known for?

NYU prides itself on the fact that the city is its campus. In 1831, the founders of the university intended to create a learning institution that would be "in and of the city." Thus, NYU's main campus has no doors or walls separating it from the rest of Greenwich Village. This differs from other schools in the city, such as Columbia University, which has a central quad and gates separating it from the Morningside Heights area. Side note: Barnard College, the women's college affiliated with Columbia University, has its own quad and set of gates, albeit adjacent to the Columbia campus.)

However, the breadth of learning for NYU students extends well beyond the confines of Manhattan. NYU has more international students and students studying abroad than any other university in the United States. Students come from 133 countries and almost every state in the US.

What are three interesting facts about NYU?

  1. NYU's main campus is located in Manhattan. However, the university also has a campus inCarry off,Abu Dhabi, and otherglobal academic centers.
  2. The origin of the violet color of NYU isdark. Many believe it is a tribute to the violets that grow in Washington Square and around the original university building. Others go back to Athens, Greece, a center of learning in the ancient world. The purple flower was strongly associated with the city.
  3. NYU has many renownedex student, including Lady Gaga, Adam Sandler and Angelina Jolie.

How many essays do you have to write for NYU?

New York University hasoneNYU Writing Application Required in 2021-2022common application. Each candidate will produce a "Why NYU" essay in addition to their common application personal statement. while you look at theNew York University admission page, you will notice that there are additional requirements for Steinhardt (aaudition or portfoliofor all Music Department applicants except Educational Theatre, and onebriefcasefor those requesting Studio Art) and Tisch (aaudition or portfoliofor applicants to all programs). TOAre you applying for one of these programs? Make sure you meet all the requirements mentioned on the pages linked above.This NYU writing guide will only cover the required "Why NYU" writing. However, you can use the tips here to help create thePortafolio Steinhardt,desktop wallet,miMartin Luther King, Jr. Scholars Programessays too.

How long is the NYU essay?

When writing your "Why NYU" essay, you have a maximum of 400 words to express your interest in attending NYU. While 400 words may seem like a lot, she'll want to create a strategy for using them wisely. She will also see below in the "Why NYU" essay summary that there are several layers to the NYU application essay. Therefore, you will need to respond to each part of the NYU essay message for it to be considered complete.

Due to NYU's relatively low acceptance rate and competitive admissions process, a good NYU application essay is key to maximizing your chances for admission. In fact, this is your chance to show NYU your Demonstrated Interest (DI). Demonstrated interest is what colleges use to measure a student's interest in attending their specific school. Want to read more about using supplemental essays to convey identification to each school you're applying to? Check out this article on DI byForbes.

Why does the NYU essay have a word limit?

The "Why NYU" essay has a word limit because admissions officers have a word limit. last year more100.000aspiring college freshmen applied to NYU. In short, the "Why NYU" essay has a word limit to help admissions officers process the large number of applications.

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However, there is more to the picture. The NYU Supplemental Essay Message also imposes a strict word limit to assess your (the candidate's) ability to respond to the message clearly and concisely. NYU's companion essay message is intentionally broad. This gives each writer ample opportunity to discuss their research on the school, passion for their potential course(s), and general enthusiasm for NYU.

Finally, the NYU admissions committee looks for dynamic, well-edited writing in every "Why NYU" essay. Having a 400 word limit helps admissions officers quickly identify strong and weak writing. More importantly, they are looking for students who they believe will bring diversity to their community and excel in a rigorous academic environment.

Writing prompt "Why NYU" (required)

We would like to know more about your interest in NYU. What motivated you to apply to New York University? Why did you apply or express interest in a particular campus, school, college, program, and/or area of ​​study? If you have applied for more than one, please also let us know why you are interested in these additional fields of study or campuses. We want to understand - why NYU? (400 words)

This NYU essay message is more than just a "Why NYU" essay question. There are actually several layers to the NYU essay. The admissions team is interested in your reasons for applying not only to NYU, but also your interest in a particular campus, university, program, and area of ​​study. Accordingly, this NYU Companion Essay is best approached as an NYU-specific personal statement. Similar to your Common App personal statement, you should treat this NYU essay as an introduction to the admissions committee.

How do you write the essay “Why NYU”?

Start your "Why NYU" writing process with a free brainstorming/writing session. Start a list and write down all the reasons that contributed to your decision to apply to NYU. It could be as simple as "I want to live at NYU"; as big as “majoring in educational studies to make sweeping reforms in New York school systems”; and as specific as "taking a music course with adjunct professor Questlove."

Don't take more than ten minutes to write this list. When you're done, write two more lists, one titled "Academic Goals" and the other titled "Career Goals." Spend ten minutes each completing these lists; They don't have to be specifically related to NYU like the first list, but this is simply an opportunity to think about your field of study and future goals.

make connections

Now that you have these three lists, take time to make connections between them. For example, if your "why NYU" list includes the bonus of living in New York City while attending school, try connecting it to one of your reasons from the other lists. In other words, consider the fact that many students will list a desire to study in New York City as a reason for attending NYU.

To help your NYU essay stand out, you'll need to create stronger connections between the school and your academic, personal, and career goals. An example of this in a "Why NYU" essay might be a student who is excited to study urban planning at NYU. In your NYU essay, you might link your interest in studying the history and future of New York City as your main reason for pursuing this particular program at NYU.

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In fact, in the first of the "Why NYU" essay examples, the writer makes a clear connection between his interest in studying at the Stern School of Business and the opportunity to participate in the International Business Exchange Program:

Wording example 1:

The Bachelor of Business Studies Program excites me as it involves comprehensive yet intensive study in key business disciplines. What appeals to me about Stern, however, is his emphasis on gaining a global perspective, which is crucial in the rapidly changing world economy. Through the International Business Exchange Program, I will be able to gain a first-hand cultural experience that will transform me into a global citizen and business leader. Not only will I be taking courses at the most prestigious business schools in the world, but I will also have new doors open to interact with alumni.

In just a few short sentences, the writer can name your school of interest (Stern), link it to a program (the International Business Exchange Program), and talk about how NYU can help you achieve your career goals.

Identify connections on your personal, professional, and academic goal lists related to NYU. So, it's time to think about how you would like to start your NYU essay. The second of our "Why NYU" essay examples perfectly demonstrates the power of a persuasive opening anecdote or story. The first few sentences are meant to draw the reader into your story. This is true of any essay, including the "Why NYU" essay. Consequently, you'll want to use dynamic language that sets the tone for your NYU supplemental essay. Let's look at our "Why NYU" essay examples for inspiration:

Wording example 2:

Before I began an internship at the International Rescue Committee's refugee youth acclimation program, right in the heart of the Lower East Side, I spent weeks training myself to provide trauma-informed support, repeatedly reminding myself that these children have been through more. than I could. imagine .

Similar to the language in the first of our "Why NYU" essay examples, this writer can say a lot in just a few sentences. They not only identified their extracurricular/internship work with the IRC, but also established their level of commitment to helping refugee youth.

As you can see, the two "Why NYU" essay examples deal with very different topics. One essay concerns a refugee volunteer seeking to study racial politics. The other focuses on a finance major who wants to network with future NYU alumni. Both candidates, however, are clear about what they want to study at NYU and why it is important for them to pursue that particular program there. They can also make connections between their passions and interests in the academic programs they propose.

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do your research

Make a strong case for why you want to pursue a particular program at NYU. Use the "Why NYU" essay examples for reference; this is the most important part of his "Why NYU" essay. If you're not sure what you want to study, now is the time to do your research.New York University Programs. The major referenced in his NYU essay may not be what he's looking for if he gets admitted, and that's okay. However, if you can, identify potential majors of interest at your NYU, write an immediate response, and connect them to your overall candidate profile. This can help you write a stronger NYU essay.

For example, if your extracurricular activities involve creative writing and your high school majors are primarily in literature, choosing a STEM major simply to impress the admissions committee is likely to raise red flags. In cases like this, you may want to talk about ways that an NYU education will help you find your academic area of ​​focus. His "why" may not be so clear, but he can still write a successful "Why NYU" essay that focuses on what draws you to the unique NYU community.

In other words, authenticity is key. Don't submit an NYU essay that simply tells admissions officers what you think they want to hear.

Key questions from the "Why NYU" essay draft:

  • Does your "Why NYU" essay talk about your motivations for attending NYU?
  • In your immediate response to the NYU essay, do you show that you have researched the schools, programs, courses, and organizations that NYU offers?
  • When applicable in your NYU essay, do you mention traditions, courses, regional attractions, professors, etc. specific to the NYU campus?

What should I include in my "Why NYU" essay?

NYU's companion essay message asks two deeper questions: "What motivated you to apply to NYU?" and “Why did you apply or express interest in a particular campus, school, college, program, and/or area of ​​study?” These two questions need to be answered when writing your "Why NYU" essay.

Naturally, NYU's desired location in New York City leads many of its applicants to apply to the school. You can talk about the unique opportunities that the big city presents. However, you want to make sure that your answer is specific enough to NYU. What does NYU have to offer that Columbia and Fordham don't? Recall that in the second of the "Why NYU" essay examples, the writer was able to specifically name the course (public health policy) he wanted to pursue at NYU, as well as where he wanted to do the research (CASSR). As with the "Why NYU" essay examples, it's best to be as specific as possible.

After all, the NYU essay message asks, "What motivated you to apply to NYU?" not "What motivated you to apply to college in New York City?" A good strategy when approaching this companion essay from NYU, then, is to center your essay on NYU. This may seem obvious. However, you would be surprised how many students perceiveafter the eventthat the entire NYU essay revolves around the school's hometown rather than the school itself.

tell a story

For this NYU companion essay, it is important to reflect on past experiences that led you to become interested in a particular field of study. Was it a specific moment in your life or a series of experiences? You have the option to choose either path when writing this NYU application essay. Take a look at both "Why NYU" essay examples on CollegeAdvisorBlog. NYU's first sample essay highlights several experiences that led the author to become interested in majoring in finance. The second of the "Why NYU" essay examples has a volunteer experience at the center of your NYU essay application. Both are strong and a great reminder that your "Why NYU" essay should be as unique as you are!

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In short, the NYU application essay you submit should be thoroughly researched. After getting acquainted with NYUcamposmiSoftware, you should include specific details related to your program of interest in your "Why NYU" essay. If it's relevant to your essay, you can also write about a specific NYUclubs/organizationsmievents/traditions.

NYU Application Essay: Final Thoughts

Completing the NYU Supplementary Essay can seem overwhelming, but don't let the NYU essay message discourage you. At the end of the day, the NYU essay message is not meant to mislead you. Instead, view the NYU application essay as an opportunity to introduce yourself to the admissions team.

Use this supplementary NYU writing guide to help you approach the NYU application essay with confidence. Before and during the NYU essay writing process, be sure to spend some time reading our "Why NYU" essay examples. Use the comments from former admissions officers included in each NYU essay as a guiding critique for your own draft. Although your experiences differ from those described in the "Why NYU" essay samples, your reasons for wanting to attend NYU should be as clear as those you read in the sample essay.

After completing your NYU Supplemental Essay, be sure to review your NYU Application Essay. You should ask a counselor, consultant, or other trusted adult to help you check for spelling, grammar, and clarity. Good luck!

"Why NYU" Writing Guide & Examples: NYU Application 2021-22 | CollegeAdvisor.com (2)

This NYU Writing Guide 2021-2022 was written byjuliana furigay, Colombia'23. For more resources on the college admissions process, clickhere. If you need help crafting your New York University essay message response, create your own.accountoschedule a free consultation appointmentby calling (844) 343-6272.

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