University of Florida - Acceptance Rate, GPA, and Requirements - (2023)

as one oflargest universitiesin the country, it's no surprise that the University of Florida has something for everyone.

for one thing,Nicheranked the University of Florida as the school with the best collegiate athletic programs in the country.

That great college feeling combined with the excitement of NCAA athletics for so many students is an absolute cornerstone of the college experience, and the University of Florida offers just that.

Also, for those seeking an online degree or wanting to take online courses, the University of Florida generally ranks#1at home for your online titles.

And when it comes to the quality of UF's academic resources, several of the University of Florida's programs rank in the top 5 in the country.

Two of these top 5 shows are yoursarchitectureprogram and itsCreative writingprogram.

Located in the heart of Gainesville, Florida, the University of Florida is inone of the bestcities for college students in the US And, of course, it wouldn't be a university in Florida if it didn't promise its students absolutely enchanting landscapes accompanied by beautiful weather all year round.

With more1.000student organizations,100elders, my52.367students, anyone can find a place on the UF campus to call home.

And the resources at the University of Florida last long after you graduate. According to the World Scholarship Forum, the University of Florida has thethe best alumni network in the country.

The University of Florida has exclusive "Gator Clubs" in all 50 states and in 135 different countries. This means that wherever a student ends up after graduation, they are sure to experience the University of Florida community, network and support from anywhere in the world.

But before they make the trip to Gainesville, they must be admitted. As such, this article will detail everything potential students need to start their journey of being called a Gator.

University of Florida Acceptance Rate

University of Florida - Acceptance Rate, GPA, and Requirements - (1)

The University of Florida has a competitive acceptance rate of31%.

It is likely that the University of Florida will continue to increase its selectivity in the coming years. Based on admissions statistics from previous years, a clear trend has emerged that UF is becoming increasingly selective over time.

In the year 2000, the acceptance rate was63%. This is twice the current acceptance rate.

Related to the overall acceptance rate is the rate at which the University of Florida awards financial aid, as it is often a deciding factor for students.

(Video) Session C9 - TACAC Virtual College Fair - March 9

UF is one of the cheapest public universities in the country, costing $6,380 annually for in-state students. Also, the acceptance rate for financial aid is around40%.

This means that for freshmen, about 40% of them received some form of financial aid. The average grant amount is $10,685.

University of Florida Out-of-State Acceptance Rate

The out-of-state acceptance rate hovers around a few points below the overall acceptance rate, in28%.

For the Class of 2023, the overall acceptance rate was 37%, while the out-of-state acceptance rate was 28%.

In fact, for the same application cycle, the acceptance rate in the state was 41%.

As such, the data may suggest that attending the University of Florida may be more difficult for applicants from out of state.

As a result, out-of-state students understand approximatelysixteen%of the student body.

That being said, the University of Florida does notstatewho have no preference between in-state or out-of-state students. Based on its admissions data, the 16% of its student body that is from out of state reflects the proportion of students applying in-state versus out-of-state.

However, based on out-of-state acceptance rates, out-of-state students may be accepted less frequently than out-of-state students.

GPA from the University of Florida

University of Florida - Acceptance Rate, GPA, and Requirements - (2)

University of FloridaStatesthat students must have maintained a minimum GPA of 2.0 in high school for admission.

Looking at the data on the average GPA of admitted students provides a more accurate picture of what GPA might be required to be a competitive score for the University of Florida.

The average GPA of 50% of admitted students ranged from4,4 a 4,6. This is a very competitive GPA to achieve.

That being said, UF takes weighted scores into account when calculating the GPAs of its applicants. Therefore, students can take advantage of weighted IB/AP courses to increase the competitiveness of their GPA.

Compared to the unweighted average GPA of admitted students at UF, admitted students had an unweighted average high school GPA of3,88.

SAT & ACT Requirements for UF

The University of Florida doesnot requiredstudents earn a specific ACT or SAT score, but the ACT/SAT must be taken.

However, similar to GPA, looking at the average ACT/SAT scores of admitted students sheds light on what the University of Florida considers a competitive standardized test score.

For the ACT, the average scores of 50% of students admitted to UF ranged from30 a 34. For the SAT, scores in the middle 50% for admitted students ranged from 1330 to 1470.

However, UF outperforms applicants' ACT scores.

This means that instead of looking for the highest score for each attempt, UF looks for the highest score for each individual ACT subsection across all attempts. They then use those scores to create a new score.

Additionally, UF does not encourage or recommend completing the written portion of the ACT.

Other admission requirements and tips

University of Florida - Acceptance Rate, GPA, and Requirements - (3)

The University of Florida requires students to complete astandard matrixof sixteen high school courses before admission.

This includes four years of math, unlike many institutions, which only require three.

While these are the minimum requirements, UF notes that the rigor of the baccalaureate course is considered “very important” in your admission decision.

As such, it is recommended to take additional classes outside of the minimum. One method that can be achieved is to take more than two years of a foreign language, since it only takes two.

Additionally, in addition to academic indicators such as test scores and GPA, UF also considers volunteer work as an important aspect of its admissions decisions.

In recent years,90%of admitted students participated in community service while in high school.

Therefore, although 10% of admitted students did not participate in community service, time spent volunteering is almost a prerequisite for admission to UF.

Finally, another aspect of the application that the UF considers in its admission decision is the “demonstrated interest”.

This term refers to the degree to which a student has shown enthusiasm for the University of Florida.

Ways someone can show interest include scheduling a campus tour, contacting an admissions officer, and/or speaking with a current UF student. So be sure to call attention to these actions somewhere in the app.

Essays for the University of Florida

The University of Florida uses the common application system. As such, students can expect to have to complete a personal statement within the Common Application based on the instructions provided there.

In addition, the University of Florida also has one required supplemental essay and two optional essays, which are only required if the student plans to apply to the honors program.

Common application directions tend to be designed to allow an admissions team to get to know the candidate better as an individual.

As such, they often touch on topics such as overcoming difficulties, a candidate's world view, or a candidate's career prospects.

Here is a sample from this year's Common Application.

“Some students have such a significant background, identity, interest or talent that they believe their application would not be complete without them. If this sounds like you, then please share your story."

The supplemental essay required for the University of Florida application requires students to write around 250 words and is similarly designed to allow the admissions team to get to know the applicant on a human level.

They affirm:

“Please provide more details about your most important commitment outside of the classroom during high school and explain why it was important. This could be related to an extracurricular activity, work, volunteering, academic activity, family responsibility, or any other activity outside of the classroom.”

While the Common Application essay can address someone's background and the external factors that shaped their world view, this essay can be an opportunity to address someone's inner passions and how they were brought to fruition.

Is the University of Florida right for you?

Hopefully, all of this information will lead to applicants receiving the coveted acceptance letter in their inbox.

However, one important question remains even after the letter has been received.

Is the University of Florida the right choice?

The answer to that question will vary, but as stated above, there truly is a home for anyone on the UF campus.

Not to mention, the University of Florida offers wonderful academic resources at an incredibly affordable cost compared to other institutions with comparatively competitive acceptance rates.

Few colleges with an acceptance rate below 35% can also boast of charging in-state applicants less than $6,500 in tuition.

UF is not only accessible and prestigious, but also accessible. With school options and online classes becoming more prevalent, for many, the fact that UF is considered the#2 best online universityit will be incredibly attractive.

And the best collegiate athletic department in the country, with one of the most renowned Florida Gators teams, is sure to make your time at UF both academically rewarding and fun.

Whether it's an athletic department like no other in the world, its alumni network, or the value students receive from UF, the University of Florida can make any student proud to call themselves Gator.

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What college GPA do you need to get into Florida Gators? ›

Must have a minimum 2.0 overall GPA and a minimum 2.0 GPA at the last institution attended, as calculated by UF. Must complete or will complete specific prerequisites for the intended major before attending UF.

What is the lowest GPA to get into UF? ›

UF considers all aspects of a student's application, background and qualifications when making admissions decisions.
  • GPA. 4.4-4.6.
  • SAT. 1350-1490.
  • ACT. 30-34.

Can I get into UF with a 4.6 GPA? ›

Applicants' GPA when applying to UF should be between 3.75 and 4.0 to be strong candidates. Having less than this will require compensating by having outstanding extracurricular activities and personal essays.

Is it harder to get into UF in state or out of state? ›

According to their admissions data, the 16% of their student body that is from out of state reflects the proportion of students who apply from in-state versus out-of-state. However, based on out-of-state acceptance rates, out-of-state students may be accepted less frequently than in-state students.

Is a 3.5 GPA good for UF? ›

The state minimum requirements for Lower Division applicants can be found here, however, UF's standards for admissions are significantly higher than the state minimums. Generally, we are looking for applicants with over a 3.0 High School GPA and over a 3.0 College GPA.

Do you need straight A's to get into UF? ›

Average GPA: 4.42

(Most schools use a weighted GPA out of 4.0, though some report an unweighted GPA. With a GPA of 4.42, University of Florida requires you to be at the top of your class. You'll need nearly straight A's in all your classes to compete with other applicants.

What is the best lowest GPA? ›

While an unweighted GPA scale ranges from 0.0 to 4.0, a weighted GPA can go up to 5.0. At most colleges in the United States, the average unweighted GPA is 3.0, so any GPA below 3.0 is considered low.

What GPA is required for Harvard? ›

The GPA requirements for Harvard University are between 3.9 to 4.1. You will need an incredibly high GPA and will likely be graduating at the top of their class in order to get into Harvard University.

Is University of Florida hard to get into? ›

Since the University of Florida is a very selective school, with only a 30% acceptance rate, applicants with a 3.0 grade point average may not be offered admission. To even the playing field across high school academic programs, the University of Florida may look to standardized test scores.

What GPA is barely passing? ›

3.5-2 which corresponds to good but not excellent work; 2-1 where one can barely pass their classes without enough effort on their part; 1-. 75 where one has difficulty passing their classes even when they try hard.

What is the lowest D1 GPA requirements? ›

The minimum GPA you can have to be considered an early academic qualifier for D1 is a 2.3 GPA and a 980 SAT combined score or 75 ACT sum score. You will need a 2.2 GPA and a 900 SAT combined score or 68 ACT sum score to be eligible at the Division II level.

Can I go to college with a 1.2 GPA? ›

Yes. Even students with a low GPA are accepted to college, although some more selective schools may not consider you with a below average GPA.

Is UF or FSU more prestigious? ›

7. That makes UF the most highly-ranked university in Florida. Continuing its climb in the rankings, Florida State University tied with Penn State, landing at No. 18 on the just released and well-regarded list.

What is UF known for academically? ›

The school has well-regarded graduate programs through the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering, Warrington College of Business, Levin College of Law and the College of Medicine. The university is also integrated with retirement community Oak Hammock, where students can work, complete internships and find mentors.

Is it easier to get into UF if you live in Florida? ›

However, if you live in Florida, your road to acceptance will be much smoother than if you are an out-of-state or international applicant. You will need to bring higher test scores if you do not hail from the Sunshine State.

What is the honor GPA for UF? ›

Graduating with Honors from UF requires only the following: Cum laude (with honors) - a 3.5 minimum upper-division GPA. Magna cum laude (with high honors) - a 3.75 minimum upper-division GPA, PLUS an Honors Thesis. You are not required to sign up for honors research credits (XXX 4915).

Does UF want weighted or unweighted GPA? ›

Secondary School Academic Performance: UF calculates a core, weighted GPA on a 4.0 scale as part of the evaluation process. Dual-enrollment courses in core areas and any AP, IB or AICE classes receive an extra 1.0 credit weight, meaning that an A is worth a 5.0 on a 4.0 scale.

What is the lowest SAT score for UF? ›

The UF SAT Scores Requirements

On a 1600-point scale, the school consistently accepts SAT composite scores down to 1290, below which admission should be considered a stretch. According to our estimates, some students may be accepted with UF SAT scores as low as 1200.

What GPA is a B+ at UF? ›

Grade Values for Conversion
GradesGrade Points
12 more rows

What are my chances of getting into Florida? ›

The acceptance rate at University of Florida is 38.8%.

In other words, of 100 students who apply, 39 are admitted. This means the school is quite selective. If you have strong academic scores, you have a great shot at getting in.

Why are Florida colleges so hard to get into? ›

“Every year it gets harder and harder to get into schools in Florida. It's because the schools are fantastic schools and out-of-state-schools are very expensive,” said Arnott, whose son also applied to a few out-of-state-universities. “To me, it's amazing every year. You see the SAT scores, the GPAs,” he said.

What's the lowest GPA Harvard accepted? ›

You should also have a 4.18 GPA or higher. If your GPA is lower than this, you need to compensate with a higher SAT/ACT score. For a school as selective as Harvard, you'll also need to impress them with the rest of your application. We'll cover those details next.

What's the highest GPA ever? ›

Normally, you would expect the highest score to be the 'perfect' 4.0 score, however, there are several things that a student can do to receive an even higher score. For example, one student actually managed to get a 10.03 GPA score. He did this by taking 17 advanced classes at his school, which awarded him many points.

What GPA is required for Yale? ›

GPA Requirements

Yale University does not have a strict minimum GPA requirement for undergraduate admissions. However, admitted students typically have very high GPAs, ranging from 3.8 to 4.0, with an average GPA of 3.9.

What is the GPA for Yale? ›

Average GPA: 4.14

The average GPA at Yale is 4.14. This makes Yale Extremely Competitive for GPAs. (Most schools use a weighted GPA out of 4.0, though some report an unweighted GPA.

What GPA is required for MIT? ›

GPA. There is no minimum required GPA, but competitive applicants generally have a GPA of 3.5 or above, and mostly A's in mathematics and science courses. Testing must be completed by the October test date for spring (February) entry and by the March test date for fall (September) entry.

Is it easier to get into UF with an AA? ›

Students earning an AA degree from any Florida public institution have equal preference in the admission process. I am a senior in high school and will have my AA degree or 60 college credits when I graduate high school.

How much is UF tuition per year? ›

Is UF harder to get into than Miami? ›

UF is a public and University of Miami is a private (not-for-profit) school and both are four-years schools. University of Miami has more expensive tuition & fees ($57,194) than UF ($28,659). It is harder to admit to University of Miami than UF.

What is the lowest a GPA can be? ›

The lowest possible grade is usually equal to a 0.0 on any scale and most times correlates to an "F" or the failing grade for the course. The scale coverts linearly from the 0.0 to 4.0 with your grade whether you are on a number or letter grading system for the class.

What GPA is not good? ›

In most cases, a high GPA is somewhere between 3.50 and 4.00, and a low GPA is somewhere between 1.50 and 2.00. Understanding what constitutes a good grade point average (GPA) is important.

Which is more important SAT or GPA? ›

There are several reasons that the SAT is considered a more valuable admissions tool than your GPA. The most obvious is that the SAT is a standardized test. While your GPA compares you to the rest of your school, your SAT score compares you to the rest of the country. GPAs are not standard.

Can you get into college with a 1.5 GPA? ›

Since this GPA is significantly below a 2.0, it will make things very difficult for you in the college application process. 0.19% of schools have an average GPA below a 1.5. You can apply to colleges and have a good shot at getting admitted. You have a low chance of getting into with a 1.5 GPA.

What is the lowest GPA to stay in college? ›


The most common overall GPA requirement is a 2.0. This means that a student's cumulative GPA from all terms, excluding grades received from other institutions, must be at least 2.0 at the end of each semester or quarter.

What college requires a 2.5 GPA? ›

What colleges can I get into with a 2.5 GPA? Bowie State University, Fisher College, and Miles College accept students with an average GPA of 2.5. There are plenty of other institutions to consider, so take a look at the full list!

Is it possible to bring up a low GPA? ›

The fewer credit hours you have earned, the easier it will be to raise your GPA. If you have a 3.0 GPA and 15 credit hours, by earning straight A's during your next (15 credit) semester, you can bump your GPA to a 3.5.

Can I still go to college with bad grades? ›

It is possible to get into college with a low GPA, but it will be more difficult to be admitted because your application may not even be considered if you don't meet minimum AI thresholds.

Can I transfer colleges with a bad GPA? ›

Being able to transfer to another college with a low GPA is possible, but it depends on so many factors, like the college or the student's expectations of a new school.

What is the most accepted major at UF? ›

The most popular majors at University of Florida include: Engineering; Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services; Biological and Biomedical Sciences; Social Sciences; Health Professions and Related Programs; Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs; Psychology; Agricultural/Animal/Plant/ ...

Is Florida a top 5 public University? ›

5 among public universities by US News & World Report. For the second year in a row, the University of Florida is listed as one of the top five public research universities in the nation, according to the 2023 Best Colleges rankings released today by U.S. News & World Report.

What school is harder to get into Florida or Florida State? ›

It is harder to admit to UF than FSU. UF has a higher submitted SAT score (1,260) than FSU (1,260). UF has higher submitted ACT score (28) than FSU (28). UF has more students with 55,781 students while FSU has 45,130 students.

What are some drawbacks with attending UF? ›

  • Total cost (including all school and living expenses) is $2,121 higher than the national average for in-state students and $11,831 higher for out-of-state students.
  • Acceptance rate is 22.5 percentage points lower than the national average.
  • Student-faculty ratio is 20:1, which is higher than the national average.

Is UF the Harvard of the South? ›

After being declared a top eight private school, Harvard, a research university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is proud to adopt a new title: ”The UF of the North.” “Sometimes it feels like only native Bay Staters have heard of Harvard,” Harvard philosophy sophomore James Jenkins said.

Is University of Florida worth the money? ›

Above Average Value Nationwide

University of Florida is ranked #450 out of 2,223 for value nationwide. University of Florida is priced well for the kind of quality education they provide and thus has earned a good price recognition from College Factual's analysis.

What is the lowest GPA UF will accept? ›

Must have a minimum 2.0 overall GPA and a minimum 2.0 GPA at the last institution attended, as calculated by UF. Must complete or will complete specific prerequisites for the intended major before attending UF. Must be in good standing and eligible to return to any institution previously attended.

Are you required to live in a dorm at UF? ›

UF students are not required to live on-campus during their first year. Whether the student is an incoming freshman, a transfer student or a returning student, he/she can choose from both on-campus and off-campus apartments and dorms.

Can I get into FSU with a 2.7 GPA? ›

Applicants' unweighted GPA when applying to FSU should be between 3.50 - 4.0 to be strong candidates. The average unweighted GPA of students that applied to FSU for the 2022 - 2023 school year was 3.71. Candidates that have a GPA below the 3.50 - 4.0 range will need to compensate by increasing their SAT or ACT score.

Can I get into FSU with a 2.8 GPA? ›

Very few students with less than a 3.0 calculated GPA will be admitted. be in good academic standing and have at least a 2.0 calculated GPA on all work attempted at your last institution.

What colleges accept 2.8 GPA in Florida? ›

What colleges can I get into with a 2.8 GPA? Graduating with a high school GPA of 2.8 places you within of the academic range at Florida colleges like Webber International University, St Petersburg College and Edward Waters College.

Is it harder to get into FSU or UF? ›

It is harder to admit to UF than FSU. UF has a higher submitted SAT score (1,260) than FSU (1,260). UF has higher submitted ACT score (28) than FSU (28). UF has more students with 55,781 students while FSU has 45,130 students.

Can I get into UF with a 3.2 GPA? ›

What GPA Do I Need To Get Into UF? Students admitted to UF have an average unweighted GPA of 3.9. Out of all students that were admitted, 92% submitted a class rank. At UF 83% of students ranked in the top 10% of their graduating class in high school, 98% were in the top 25% and 100% were in the top 50%.

What colleges accept 2.3 GPA? ›

With a 2.3 GPA, admission in 4-year colleges or universities will be difficult. However, you can take a closer look at institutions such as Livingstone College, Southern Vermont College, and Southern University at New Orleans, all three of which accept students with an average GPA of 2.3-2.4.

Will colleges accept a 2.9 GPA? ›

Because a 2.9 GPA is so close to that benchmark, it demonstrates frequent above-average academic performance. A 2.9 GPA also means that you can apply to a number of colleges and universities and can reasonably expect admission to a sampling of them.

What is the average GPA for Harvard? ›

The average high school GPA of admitted students at Harvard is around 4.2. 73% of students had a GPA of at least 4.0, indicating that admitted students typically mostly earned A grades in high school. If you're studying the IB, this translates to scoring mostly 7s and achieving a minimum score of at least 42.

Can I go to Harvard with 2.5 GPA? ›

To get to Harvard your GPA has to be at least a 4.0 and even then if you get in your lucky but they require at least a 4.18 GPA only .

What happens if you have a 2.5 GPA in college? ›

A 2.5 GPA corresponds to a C average, making it a common starting GPA for many colleges and universities, even some more competitive institutions — though acceptance at that level would be a long shot.

Is a 2.9 GPA good enough for college? ›

A 2.9 GPA is considered above-average in several degree programs. To be more specific, the national average for GPA is roughly 3.0. Therefore 2.9 places you below the national average. With a 2.9, you'll have difficulty getting into any prestigious university.

Is a 2.8 GPA good or bad in college? ›

Is a 2.8 GPA Good? Because a 2.8 is two tenths of a point from a B average, a 2.8 GPA indicates several grades that are of above average quality and that your performance on homework and exams was up to par.


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