Top 5 Online Agriculture Diploma and Certificate Programs (2023)

Agriculture is an important and old branch of the economy. Without them we would all starve! Growing crops and raising animals is what sustains the life of humans and animals. Farming has always been scientific. Today, ancient agricultural practices have evolved into highly specialized and scientific fields due to technology. Agricultural knowledge, methods and techniques must harmonize to ensure sustainability and efficiency. OOnline agricultural diplomas and certificateson this list provide expert knowledge on specific aspects of agriculture. AccordinglyUS Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of jobs for agricultural and food science technicians is expected to increase by 4% between 2019 and 2029. The median salary in 2019 was $41,230. These 5 online programs will put you in the industry that powers the world.


A career in agriculture can be exciting and rewarding; However, proper training is important to achieve the best results. In this list we highlight thoseBest Agricultural Online Diplomas and Certificates in 2021listed in random order. Check them out if you find a suitable program for you based on the following points:

  • It offers 100% online course programs in agriculture and related fields,
  • It has a variety of programs to offer, e.g. B. in the areas of food and agriculture, ecological agriculture or urban agriculture.
  • Displays positive reviews from alumni and other reputable sources,
  • you are duly accredited,
  • Degree certificate or final diploma,
  • Offers affordable monthly fees
  • Provides credentials for career advancement.

Here you can find more information about ourmethodology!


Check out our Things to Consider section:

What can I do with a certificate in agriculture?

Farming is really a diverse field. With the right agricultural education, you could pursue a career in risk management, forest products and ecosystems, food sales and marketing reps, food scientists, gardeners or landscape designers - just to name a few.

What can I expect to learn in an agriculture certificate program?

Certificate programs cover a wide range of topics such as:

  • sustainable agriculture,
  • plant physiology,
  • food production and preservation,
  • Seed Business Management,
  • agricultural law,
  • sales and marketing
  • Ag Business Administration and Accounting,
  • dairy technology,
  • And much more.

How long do certificate programs in agriculture last?

Generally, it will take you one to two years to complete your program, depending on your school's schedule and your level of commitment.



The University of Massachusetts Amherst offers a 100% online courseCertificate in Nutrition and Sustainable Agriculture.The program is for adults looking for a career change, returning veterans, high school seniors, and anyone with an interest in nutrition, agriculture, home economics, or gardening. Online courses are particularly appealing to New England's fastest-growing farming community: women-owned farms. Online courses are beneficial for those who are busy making the world around them a healthier place. Classes are held via UMass Online.

Campus location:Amherst, Massachusetts


  • Credenciado pela New England Association of Schools and Colleges

Admission and Graduation Rates:

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  • Acceptance Rate: 60%
  • Completion Rate: 76%

Admission requirements:

  • Complete online registration

Types of help:institutional loans; federal and state grants; institutional and external scholarship opportunities; exemption from monthly fees; tuition reimbursement programs; Benefits for military and veterans.

Program options:

The University of Massachusetts Amherst also offers a full online Associate of Science and Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Sustainable Agriculture. All credits earned can be used towards Associate or Bachelor of Science degrees.

Grade results:

Students earning an online Sustainable Food and Agriculture Certificate will be qualified to apply their knowledge in subjects such as holistic fruit production, agrochemistry and global food systems.




Washington State University offers an online courseCertificate in Organic Farmingwhich offers an education in agricultural sciences. The certificate includes an understanding of complex agricultural and food systems. It is an 18-credit degree program that is ideal for agricultural professionals who want to learn more about organic methods, anyone interested in organizing a community-supported farm operation, home gardeners, WSU agricultural students, and all who are interested in organic farming. The WSU program was the first organic farming degree in the country.

Campus location:Pullmann, Washington


  • Accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities

Admission and Graduation Rates:

  • Acceptance Rate: 72%
  • Graduation rate: 67%

Admission requirements:

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  • Application
  • $25 registration fee

Program example courses:

  • Soil: a living system
  • Gardening and organic farming
  • Introduction to agroecology

Grade results:

Washington State University's online organic farming certificate prepares students for careers ranging from starting a farm to managing the food industry.




The University of Illinois, through its College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences aProfessional Development Certificate in Urban Agriculture. The certificate is a postgraduate certificate that offers students, agricultural professionals and entrepreneurs advanced training in agricultural sciences relevant to food production in urban settings.

Campus location:Champaign, Illinois


  • Accredited by the Higher Education Commission

Admission requirements:

  • Completed Professional Development Certificate Form

Admission and Graduation Rates:

  • Acceptance Rate: 60%
  • Completion Rate: 75%

Program options:

The University of Illinois also offers graduate certificates in horticulture or plant science.

Grade results:

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Students who complete their bachelor's degree with the Certificate in Urban Agriculture are prepared to use their knowledge in the fields of horticulture and crop sciences in the urban environment.

recommended schools




Lakeshore Technical College is a technical education provider offering more than 100 career programs, education for personal and professional development, business and industrial training, and foundational skills. One of the certificates offered at Lakeshore is thisAgricultural Engineer Certificatewhich is offered traditionally or 100% online. Students who earn the certificate online view recorded lectures and have face-to-face time with the instructor to complete assignments and tests. Students enrolled in Lakeshore Technical College's agricultural program acquire skills to succeed in agricultural careers.

To assist them in this task, the program provides students with a basic understanding of the financial operations specific to agribusiness. It also teaches them about plants, soil management and the basics of raising livestock. Starting in fall 2018, Lakeshore Technical College will offer its agricultural students a new place to study at the Wisconsin Agricultural Education Center. The building will be adjacent to the multi-million dollar facility just north of the Cleveland campus.

Campus location:Cleveland, Wisconsin


  • Accredited by the Higher Education Commission
  • Open Pathway accredited until 2024-25
    • Open Pathway is a 10-year cycle with year 4 warranty review and full year 10 assessment.

Admission and Graduation Rates:

  • Acceptance rate: open admission
  • Completion Rate: 46%

Admission requirements:

  • Application
  • $30 fee
  • official transcripts
  • Placement Evaluation Results
  • Print the Functional Capability Statement for the program

Program options:

The agricultural technician certificate is part of the Agribusiness Science and Technology course. This gives the agricultural engineer graduate the opportunity to complete the dual study program with an additional year of study.

Grade results:

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After completing courses such as Introduction to Animal Science; Introduction to soil science and agricultural finance prepares graduates for a variety of agricultural careers.




Madison Area Technical College provides a high-quality, accredited education to nearly 40,000 students. Campus locations are in Madison, Fort Atkinson, Portage, Reedsburg and Watertown as well as online. In theTechnical Diploma in Agricultural Systems Managementprogram at Madison College, students complete four courses in less than a year to learn about business planning, economic principles, financial management, and setting and achieving agricultural goals. Participants in the program apply what they have learned on their own agribusiness operation or in simulations developed by the trainer. Agriculture is also an important industry in the economy of Wisconsin and other states, which is why the Technical Diploma in Agricultural Systems Management is offered entirely online. The degree provides students with the tools to succeed in the important field of agriculture. Online students also have an opportunity to complete their studies without paying out-of-state tuition.

Campus location:Madison, Wisconsin


  • USDA Farm Service Agency Approved Training Provider
  • Accredited by the Higher Education Commission
  • Open Path accredited

Admission and Graduation Rates:

  • Acceptance rate: open admission
  • Completion Rate: 24%

Admission requirements:

  • Application
  • registration fee
  • Transkript/GED-Score
  • online guide

Program courses:

  • Agricultural management
  • Principles of sustainable management of soils and crops
  • Principles of Animal Science and Animal Management
  • Agricultural Economics and Finance

Grade results:

Students gain an understanding of sustainable soil and crop management strategies and examine how these strategies affect businesses. You will also learn the principles of animal production necessary for success in the livestock industry, including animal health, genetics, reproduction and animal safety.



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What is the highest paying career in farming?

AccordinglyBLS, Agricultural and Food Scientistearn $65,160 annually, with the top 10% earning $118,830 annually as of May 2019. However, advanced positions in this field usually require a bachelor's or master's degree.biochemists and biophysicistscan earn over $182,870 annually. Other high-paying positions include those ofagronomic engineer,earn up to $160,950 annually.

Which area of ​​agriculture is for me?

When you think of farming, you usually think of the great outdoors. Perhaps farming comes to mind; However, office jobs are often just as important. You have to decide beforehand whether working outdoors in different weather conditions is something for you or whether working with numbers or researching indoors suits you better - all in the field of agriculture, of course.

Why is studying agriculture so important?

Without a doubt, the farmer is the backbone of sustainability in America. Without them, well... let's face it... we'd probably be starving. As this is a critical area, technology has become a large part of it, hence the increasing demand for skilled agricultural professionals. Whether agricultural science or business administration, there are many options in all areas of concentration.


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