The best dual dashcams of 2021 | automatic express (2023)

Dual cameras (that capture the front and back of your car) are also becoming increasingly popular. With that in mind, we ran a mini-review to see what these new dual-lens recorders are all about. The way we tested them was almost the same as the main test, although of course the test can't be 100% identical since it wasn't done at the same time.

Nextbase 622GW and rear view camera


  • Preis:£ 249,99 + £ 46,55
  • Evaluation:5 Sterne
  • Recording quality:4K
  • Contact:

Nextbase dash cams are constantly improving and adding new features like Alexa voice control to stay ahead of the competition. The newly released 622GW has already won a multi-focus test with the front camera, and the addition of a rear lens does little to detract from its winning performance.

The image quality on the front is excellent in daylight, with license plates being easy to read even from a distance. However, the rear camera is less impressive. First, it is more complicated to assemble and can easily be knocked over when opening the trunk or loading luggage. Secondly, the quality is not a stain on the exceptional front view.

Still, the 622GW wins the points, although it's not the perfect match for anyone looking for a front and back cover for their dash cam.

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Kenwood DRV A601W and KCA-R200


Priced under £200 for a 4K dash cam, this Kenwood would be good value if you were just buying the front camera separately, but the package also includes a rear camera and a 64GB SD card .

Image quality from the front camera isn't as clear as the Nextbase setup, but it's not far behind the Thinkware U1000 (below). The real surprise, however, was the clarity of the rear footage. It was the best here and allowed us to read the signs clearly.

The Kenwood doesn't have any of the extras like Thinkware's flash finder or Nextbase's Alexa voice activation, but if they're not essential and you don't mind the drop in image quality on the front, the Kenwood is amazing value for money.

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Snooper DVR-5HD


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  • Preis:€ 179,99
  • Resolution:1080P und 1080P
  • Evaluation:4 Sterne
  • Contact:

It has a speed camera detector, but the Snooper is only the size of a credit card and as thick as your hand, making it easy to assemble. It uses built-in GPS to warn you of speed cameras with a beep.

It's easy to connect and set up, and there's the option of suction or adhesive mounting, but the five-metre rear camera cable was just long enough on our Discovery; Competitors come with eight meters.

The front camera has the widest field of view here - 152 degrees - but the footage wasn't as sharp as the rivals. Number plates were still visible from a distance, and with an SD card it's good value, especially if you're considering a separate speed camera detector.

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Nextbase 422GW + rear window camera


The Nextbase is generally much quicker to set up than other dash cams, with magnetic mounts that make removing the camera a breeze if you want to swap the unit for another car or protect it from theft.

However, the spherical rear camera mount proved a bit tricky to fit and was easily knocked off when loading items into the car's trunk.

The touchscreen is easy and intuitive to use, but Nextbase's real advantage is the excellent PC/Mac or smartphone apps that make accurate image downloading and editing extremely easy. Of course, this footage isn't as sharp as others like the VIOFO, but the front camera has a slightly wider field of view - 140 degrees versus the VIOFO's 130 degrees - so more of the view is captured and the video is still clear. and visible in most situations.

It's not capable of the near-forensic detail of a 4K camera like the VIOFO, but the 422GW's ease of use and value for money still make it one of our most popular dash cams.

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Thinkware F200


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  • Preis:Approximately £169
  • Evaluation:4 Sterne

The F200 comes with separate front and rear cameras that are taped to their respective screens. The front camera records at 1080p at 30 frames per second, while the rear unit operates at a lower quality at 720p. With the front-facing camera, we captured quite a bit of detail; It matched the exposure well and we could easily read license plates and road signs.

The rear camera lost clarity because the footage wasn't as sharp. Still, the lens captured license plates from a long distance and offered a better field of view than the Nextbase Duo (below), allowing us to position it anywhere on the rear window. The F200 has a parking mode and alerts including red light alerts and speed cameras.

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Road Angel Halo Pro


It's easy to get frustrated with the Halo Pro at first because some of the cables are thick and difficult to hide under the fairing. Unlike others here, it doesn't have a screen, so you'll need to use the somewhat clunky Road Angel app to set it up or view the images. This footage was clear enough to read license plates easily, but the camera looks good next to the Kenwood package (above).

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Thinkware F800 Pro


The Thinkware F800 Pro has a low profile, meaning it looks a little less intrusive on the front screen than some of its rivals, with its rear camera continuing the design language nicely. The 1080p footage is well balanced and so good that it has eclipsed some 1440p cameras in the past. The footage also adjusts quickly to the exposure; Shadows and bright lights bothered him less.

The F800 Pro really showed its teeth in the night test, where we were able to pick up good detail of side streets, see pedestrians and cyclists well and quickly, and had an easier time reading number plates from parked cars in the dark.

The rear camera also impressed us with the clarity of its footage, and we liked how easy it was to connect. A critical point is the price. The F800 Pro costs a lot more than its entry-level competitors, but it's the better camera.

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NextBase Duo HD


(Video) ✅Top 5 Best Dash Cams UK 2023 | Buying Guide

Nextbase's Duo configuration is impressive. The camera is divided into two lenses, one that is front-facing and the other that rotates backwards and has a zoom of 50 meters. Both record in crisp 1080p at 30 frames per second. We like the fact that the Duo doesn't have a second cable running through the cab to a rear camera, while the front lens delivers sharp, accurate shots that capture number plates and detail well.

The rear unit is sharper than the Thinkware F800 (above), but its field of view is smaller because the rear-facing lens zooms in on the front display. This makes it difficult to position the device so that rear seats or passengers don't get in the way of the recordings. As a result, it didn't catch everything that happened behind the car, despite having a parking mode.

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Nextbase 222X


  • Preis:£89.99 (plus memory card)
  • Evaluation:3,5 Sterne
  • Recording quality:1080p x 720p

The Nextbase's rear camera isn't fixed to the rear window and is connected by a long cable like its competitors, as it's mounted directly to the side of the main camera unit and faces into the cabin. This provides a view similar to a driver looking in the rearview mirror, so it's not ideal if you have a large car or van, but it's perfect for small vehicles and convertibles.

It works better than we expected and is a lot easier to install as there are no cables to run down the length of the car. But the 222's main unit isn't Nextbase's best camera. It's good value for money, but video quality pales in comparison to the Kenwood and there's no built-in Wi-Fi or access to apps. You also have to pay for a memory card.

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Thinkware U1000


The U1000 foregoes a screen, relying on a smartphone app, a polite-sounding speech synthesizer, and an array of lights to control it. It also comes standard with a hardwiring kit, which is simpler and easier to use than a 12V plug. However, be aware that you may need to have the system professionally installed, adding to the overall cost.

The package's list of extras includes a speed camera viewfinder and even a lane departure warning system, but video capture performance isn't all that impressive.


While shots in the dark were decent, the front camera's daytime video was only marginally better than the cheaper Kenwood, while the rear camera's shots were the least clear in this test.

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Gator GHDVR95W


  • Preis:£149.99 (including 16GB SD card)
  • Evaluation:2,5 Sterne
  • Recording quality:1080p x 1080p
  • Contact:

The Gator's dual cameras are slim and unobtrusive, and the rear camera cable is thinner than usual, making it comparatively easy to place unobtrusively in cars with smaller glass areas.

Unlike its two competitors, there's no LCD display for navigating menus and checking camera views. So you'll need to download an app onto your phone and connect to the Gator's built-in Wi-Fi. It's a little odd, and the image quality is noticeably inferior to the other cameras in the test. A 16GB memory card is a nice addition, but it fills up quickly even on a short trip.

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