The 8 Best SERP Checking/Tracking Tools to Identify Keyword Rankings (2023)

you need thebest SERP checkerto check your Google,Baidu,yahooor the ratings? By the way, SERP stands for search engine results page. Typically, people who have a website type keywords into Google and count the results. After that, they add their position to a spreadsheet. But, monitoring a huge list and putting them inposts and blogsNot an easy task. To do all these things, you will need aSERP Rank Checkertool.

However, the tool will help you to check your keyword positions on Google SERP. They will help you get website traffic,audit your website, competitive search and rank your site higher on Google. To learn more about keywords or how to apply them, you can read about, “What is keyword density?

What is more,google search linkreports say that the first SERP page gets about 18% of organic clicks. The second position page gets 10% and the third page only gets about 7% organic clicks. Then you have to worry about getting your content on the first page.

When using a ranking checker, make sure the number of keywords you can check is in line with your needs. Note that it has enough features and the software does daily checks or not.

Things to remember:

  • SERP Position CheckersTypically see a concrete result from your SEO efforts within 3-6 months. For new companies, the deadline may be longer.
  • Most tools offer a 7-day to 1-month free trial option. They average around $99 per month.
  • You will find many items on the market. Some of them with extraordinary features are-google trends, SERanking,screaming toad, Ahref and more.

Now, let's not waste any more time and start comparing our today's collection of 08 Best SERP Tracking Tools and see which one is best for you:

A href

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Ahref has excellent keyword research, rank checking, and backlink tracking skills. It can be said that it is one of thebest SERP checkersand a personal favorite of top SEO professionals. The important thing is that Ahref is the second fastest web crawler behind Google.

However, it does include features like URL ranking, backlink audits, analytics, and more. It will offer organic search reports if you use them. Furthermore, it will be tracked through the web andincrease your search engine ranking.


  • Explore different content and keywords
  • Help generate unlimited keywords
  • See any site's ranking history for any keyword
  • Instantly analyze any website's internal backlinks
  • Provides a ranking history.
  • availableAhref SEOplugins for wordpress user
  • findingbroken linkconstruction opportunities
  • Receive an email alert with keyword ranking improvements


  • It has a huge collection of features, which is why it slows down sometimes.
  • You will receive updates only after 05 days
  • The monthly price is expensive compared to others.


You will have 1500 keywords that will cost you $179.

My thoughts:

Undoubtedly, Ahref brings an excellent user interface. you will receive an updatetips for your website, backlink reports. Also, you will know URL rankings. It will help you carry out your work by following the properSEO strategies in terms of contentmarketing.

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any smallbusiness as an agency, freelance, startup, fashion and more can use it. And it will provide you with a ranking tracker, backlink monitoring, marketing plan and website audit.

You can visit YouTube ranking like Google, using Yandex, Bing or Yahoo. It is a Ukrainian company and claims to have 300,000 customers. They provide an amazing tracking tool within your budget.


  • Your folders and tags will help you organize specific words.
  • the price is reasonable
  • You will have a mobile SERP tracker option here
  • Your screens will present a historical overview of the rankings. Also, you can visit the best ratings you ever had!
  • They check Google SERP features like the featured snippet.


  • You will get some errors on your system which cannot be fixed instantly.


You can get 250 keywords that are updated weekly for $23.40 per month. Respectively, a number of 500 and 1000 at $54 and $89 with daily updates.

My thoughts:

I find it very helpful. It is a SERP keyword checker and will help you to maintain backlinks and make long term plans with your business.

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It is one ofbest SERP checkertools comes with a modern black design by default. This Slovenian company includes valuable plans for you with discounts of up to 40% for an annual plan. They offer website audits, API access, backlinks, and competitor monitoring.


  • They provide daily updates.
  • Together withYouTube, offers a track from DuckDuckKGo
  • It's easy to create notes in your account to visit daily, weekly and monthly leaderboards via email.


  • For 1000+ keywords your costs increase sharply
  • They offer a live chat option where their responses take a long time
  • In the help section, there is no search function.


They offer 500, 1000 and 5000 keywords at prices of $39, $99 and $369 respectively per month.

My thoughts:

Although they have some drawbacks, you should try them out for the review function. You won't be disappointed I think.

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Serpstat is another Ukraine verification tool. You can say that it is a one-stop shop that will give you everything about digital marketing. It is very suitable forwebsite or e-commerce businessPlus, it has around 100,000 customers who use it for research, website audits, backlink analysis, and more.

Also, users can run campaigns, optimize SEO, PPC analysis. It is an affordable software and you will have a control panel that you can easily navigate. Also, you can have a record of your competition's backlinks.


  • It will beautifully display your ranking evolution.
  • Your SEO material will be visible through its graphics and colors.
  • It will collect international data and track universal search results.
  • Also, your Backlink and website analysis will be done with it.


  • Serpstat is comparatively more expensive than others as just a rank tracker
  • It can slow down your website at times


It provides 500 keywords for $69/month and 2000 for $149/month. And you'll get discounts of up to 20% for longer terms.

My thoughts:

It comes with a powerful yet easy to use interface. And it has been criticized for some inaccurate reporting. Although he is still one of thebest SERP checkersin the world. So try it without hesitation!

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Advanced Web Sorting

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It is a versatile tool that monitors website crawling suitable for internal SEO anddigital agencies. This will allow you to crawl a large number of websites. It is powerful with many features and it shows correct rankings from around 22 search engines and 130 countries. You can compare the total performance of your competitors.

However, Advanced Web Ranking allows location-based rankings based on postal code. Also, when using it, with the update option, you can manually update the data here. It comes with 04 packages like Standard, Professional, Enterprise and Server.


  • Here you will find extensive information
  • Provide daily reach checks
  • You will get 100% customer support from them
  • Includes Google Analytics andGoogle Search Console.


  • Using it won't be easy if you are an amateur.
  • Allows limited tracking.


If you want to buy the standard package, it will cost you $49 per month and other packages will cost you more monthly.

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My thoughts:

It's perfect because it collects a lot of information from Google Analytics and Google Search Console. But you can track a total of 35,000 keywords. Hope you are not satisfied.

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Moz is a fresh, modern product and one of thebest SERP checkertools that allow you to obtain reports from pages, sites and search engines. It will give you reports from Google, Bing and Yahoo of the most common word searches. In addition, it performs backlink analysis and advanced page optimization suggestions. Using it, you will learn about global, national or local site ratings.

Plus, you can compare results against your competitors with Moz's Domain Authority tool. Moz offers a 30-day free trial offer. After that, you will have options to purchase Standard, Medium, Large or Premium packages.


  • You can compare mobile rankings with desktop rankings bysoftware trackers.
  • It provides website audits, backlink analysis, and much more.


  • Provides database and metrics for US only.
  • Moz will not scan a large number of keywords.


Packages start from $99 per month up to $599. For annual packages you can get a discount.

My thoughts:

Moz provides link profiling analysis as well asSEO on the page. You can increase your website ranking and bring enough traffic to the website.

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Authority Laboratories

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If you are looking for a suitable crawler or checker, Authority Labs is another tool available. It comes with a user-friendly interface that can target the audience using location-based tracking. Also, it can track computer domains, product ratings from different websites and provide you with detailed reports. Displays reports on your competitors' SEO campaigns.

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  • It will give you global, national or local followers.
  • You will be able to view daily reports using it.
  • Also, it provides a clean and user-friendly interface for users.


  • There, you will see all the keywords arranged in alphabetical order and you will not be able to change them.
  • For advanced features you will find it very expensive.


You can take advantage of a 30-day free trial if you like, and it costs between $49 and $450 per month.

My thoughts:

Authority offers excellent performance when tracking its competitors' domains, and users really like its interface.

Learn more Authoritylabs


The 8 Best SERP Checking/Tracking Tools to Identify Keyword Rankings (8)

SEMrush is one of thebest SERP checkersthis is an easy to use SERP ranking tool. It's a personal favorite of mine and many professionals. Any medium or small business,e-commerce stores, and website owners can use it. By placing a URL in your search bar, you can have the report of sites that use Google and Bing as search engines.

When using SEMrush, you must wait until it finishes analyzing your site and then manually select specific words. In addition, he will give youtechnical SEO auditsthat will help you more with your jobs.


  • You can get results for organic searches with it.
  • It provides traffic analysis of your website daily.
  • You will get product listing ADs here
  • Integration withgoogle data study
  • Featured snippets and position tracking results report


  • It can sometimes provide incorrect ad reports and backlink information.
  • If you want more advanced features, you might find it expensive.
  • Also, it's a bit complex to use for a hobbyist.


You will get a 7-day free trial and a Pro plan for $99.95. Additionally, it offers the Guru Plan for $199.95 and the Business plan for $399.95.

My thoughts:

SEMrush will be best suited for any mid-sized business. This will make your website content rank higher. However, it will help you create competitor analysis and guest blogging strategies.

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In this article, I hope that now you have a general idea about thebest SERP checkertools. I can say that all of them are useful if you can use them after studying enough. If I missed any important ones to mention then you can comment below. I will contact you shortly. Stay safe.

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