SE Ranking: #1 SEO Tool for Agencies and SEO Experts (2023)

SE Ranking: #1 SEO Tool for Agencies and SEO Experts (1)

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SEO is a task that is more tied to the experience and understanding of keyword research and competitive analysis.

This experience is necessary if you want to drive a lot of traffic to your blog. But how can anyone master them?

There are many tools available for keyword research and spying on your competitors, such asSemrush,SE Classification, Ahrefs, etc

Now the question is, which is the best among them? There is a different criteria for each one to choose the best SEO tool for them.

Will I help you decide which is the best keyword research tool?

Here in this article I am introducing you an SEO tool which is quite smart and useful due to its comprehensive SEO features.

I'm talking about theSE Classificationtool that offers a variety of functions to classify your site.

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SE Range Assessment

SE Classificationis an all-in-one SEO tool used for keyword research, competitor research, backlink analysis, and domain auditing.

When it was released, it was originally akeyword rank checkertool that now competes with SEO giants likeSemrushand Ahrefs on other resources as well.

The SE Ranking keyword research tool is an award-winning tool known for its accurate keyword ranking and competitive research.

It claims to be an all-in-one SEO tool that offers all the features to outperform its competitors.

SE Ranking Review 2022: 14-day free trial

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Why use SE Ranking?

It is a tool that helps you improve the presence of your blog in the main search engines through its key functions. The tool helps you find low competition keywords for your content so that it can perform well on the SERPs with ease.

Some reasons that lead you to use thekeyword searchtool are:

  • Dedicated keyword analysis
  • Extensive competitive research
  • backlink analysis
  • website audit
  • Keyword Rank Tracking
  • SERP Analyzer
  • Content Marketing Module
  • social media management
  • Plan de marketing
  • white label reporting
  • Lead generation

However, there are some more reasons to go for this tool like marketing plan, social media management, keyword suggestion tool, custom SEO reports, white tagging, etc.

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Main Features of the SE Ranking

I discuss the top features that help you get great traffic and improve your blog ranking here.

Search by Keyword

A keyword analysis is an important part of search engine optimization. Neil Patel's Complete Guide DescribesHow important is keyword research?rate a blog?

Well, to get started with keyword research, first click on "Search by Keyword” in the header bar. This will open the keyword research tool for you, where you can type your focus keyword and get all the details about it.

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You can find the details of any keyword in any specific location by selecting specific search engines from the dropdown menu. After selecting the search engine, just click on the button “Analyze” and get results for your focus keyword.

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The keyword research tool provides all the necessary metrics such as keyword difficulty, search volume, and CPC in the keyword analysis result.

Just below these metrics, you will find some more interesting features of the tool that distinguishes similar keywords, related keywords, and low search keywords.


Keyword research isn't complete until you see a keyword brainstorm. Here comes another great tool for SE Ranking i.e.keyword suggestion tool.

SE Ranking Keyword Suggestion Toolhelps you discover relevant terms related to your focus keyword. You just need to click view detailed report to find the keyword suggestions.

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keyword suggestion toolshows all relevant keyword ideas along with search trends for better analysis. In addition, the tool offers an overview of the Google SERPs for that keyword, where you can see the organic results for up to 200 positions.

For better keyword analysis, you should have filters to find the perfect keywords for your content. In the keyword brainstorming tool, you get filters to choose search volume, CPC, difficulty, and competition to get the most efficient keyword ideas.

SE Ranking Keyword Suggestion Tool

competitive analysis

For competitive research, you must click on "Competitive Research" in theSE Classificationheader.

Now type your competitor's domain name in the search box, choose the target country for which you need to analyze your competitor and click the "Analyze" button.

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Here in this report you will see your competitor spy report along with organic and paid results.

Want to see what keywords your competitor is ranking for?

Just scroll down and see the organic keywords your competitor ranks for. The tool also offers a distribution of organic keyword rankings in tabular form.

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Competitive research is incomplete until you look at all the keywords and analyze which ones you can easily rank for.

Yeah! You can analyze all of these keywords with your competitive research tool. Just click View Detailed Report and you'll have all of your competitor's keywords to spy on.

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You can easily filter the results for the perfect keywords by looking at search volume, keyword difficulty, CPC, etc.

One prominent feature that might appeal to you is “Traffic Sharing”.

Yeah! Once you find the keywords, can you analyze how much traffic you could get if you were to rank on the first page? In the image above, you can see how much traffic a keyword gets when it ranks fourth.

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It is not interesting?

The Competitive Research Tool shows you how much traffic your competitor is getting and what their profit share is by analyzing CPC and traffic for that keyword.

Another important feature that the tool offers isKeyword Rank Checker.

Keyword Rank Checker

To maintain a good search engine ranking, you need to regularly monitor the position of your keywords. Keyword rank tracking not only shows you the position of your keywords, but also gives you the opportunity to improve your blog presence.

Sim!As the name suggests, it is a great tool to give you accurate keyword rankings on major search engines.

While it is a crucial part of search engine optimization,hobbyist bloggersthey often ignore keyword rank tracking.

You just need to create a project for the position tracker. This project will give you insights into how your site is performing on search engines.

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Just click on the Projects tab and then on "Create Project".

This will open an interface where you will need to fill in the project details such as the project name and the domain name for which you want to track keyword rankings.

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Here, you can select up to how many positions you want to track your keywords ranking for. Additionally, you can select project users, allowing them to access the project.

On the next page, you need to enter the keywords for which you want to track rankings. You can enter the keywords manually or import the keyword file.

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Enter the keywords here and click on “add keywords” before clicking Next.

You can track the position of keywords in 5 search engines. Just select the search engine and choose the country to track keyword rankings.

It allows you to track keyword positions on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex and YouTube. In addition, you can also choose the language and mobile search engines.

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After that, add your main competitors and click "Next". You can integrate Google Analytics and Search Console for better data representation.

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Here you can see how the Keyword Rank Checker tool shows you the position of your keywords along with their SERP features. You can view keyword rankings up to the last 6 months.

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So just analyze the position of your keywords and improve your ranking by building backlinks and adding quality content.

SE Ranking SERP Analyzer 2022: Is it the best SERP checker?

SE Ranking SERP Checker

backlink checker

Backlink analysis is an important feature of any SEO tool. This helps us to analyze the backlinks of any given domain. This is especially useful in competitive analysis.

You can easily discover the backlinks of your competitors and also find the link opportunities for your blog.

Simply go to the Backlink Checker and enter the domain name for which you want to analyze the backlink.

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The backlink verification tool allows you to verify 100 domains in a month. Furthermore, it also allows you to check the backlinks to URLs. Just use the dropdown menu to select the URL instead of

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This is the interface of the backlink checker tool that shows total backlinks, referring domains, anchor texts, etc.

Simply spy on your competitor's backlink profile and make a list of top authority, easy to build backlinks. The filter option is very useful to create a list of these links.

Is that. Now build high-quality backlinks to your blog and increase your search engine rankings.

SE Ranking: the best SEO tool to outperform your competitors

SE Rating Price

Now let's look at the SE Ranking prices. You get a unique pricing model with it.

Yeah! Their prices depend on how often your project ratings are checked. In addition, it offers different discounts on the plans you select for the different subscription periods. See the image below to understand better.

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SE Qualification Discount

Here, you can clearly see that if you select 3-day or weekly rating check frequency, you will get 20% and 40% discount respectively.

However, for an annual subscription you get a 20% DISCOUNT while for 3 monthly subscriptions you get a 55% DISCOUNT.

It offers 3 basic plans to access the tool:

  • Essential: Starts at $31/month
  • Pro- starts at $71/mo
  • Business: Starting at $151/month

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It provides below mentioned 3 plans where you can get the discount discussed i.e. Optimum (now Essential) plan starting at $31 monthly.

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👉 If you are looking for theSE Ranking Lifetime Agreement, then you may be disappointed as there is no lifetime offer available at this time.

SE Ranking Keyword Research Tool: Is It the Right Choice?

this detailedSE Range Assessmentdescribed all the important features needed. This is the most affordable domain analysis and keyword research tool.

Am I still confused?

Here are some pros and cons of the tool to help you decide which is the best SEO tool for you.


  • In-depth keyword analysis
  • Advanced competitive research
  • Accurate rating tracking
  • Detailed site audit
  • Simple interface that allows you to export the files
  • mobile app available
  • 14 day free trial available
  • comparatively low price
  • Plan de marketing
  • white label reporting
  • social media management


  • Manual difficulty checking some keywords in the keyword suggestion tool
  • Missing keyword search intent
  • Backlinks Checker is not as powerful as Ahrefs

SE Ranking Review 2022: 14-day free trial

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Ranking SE Competitors

It is the fastest growing SEO tool that is getting good word of mouth from users. This tool offers the same features at comparatively low prices. Speaking of its competitors, we can mention the following tools:

  • SEMrush
  • LongTail Pro
  • Ahrefs
  • KWFinderGenericName
  • keyword revealer
  • Moz

To be honest with you, if you really want to know the best SE Ranking alternative, thenSemrushis the tool. I wrote a detailed comparative article onRanking SE vs Semrush. You can read this for more information.


SE Ranking is the best SEO tool for keyword research, keyword ranking tracking, detailed website audit, etc. you with all this at a cheaper price.

It is the fastest growing all-in-one SEO tool.

The robust and reliable features of this tool make it the most essential tool for SEO experts and enthusiasts.

Don't waste your time just thinking about it. Get your 14-day free trial now and decide for yourself.

Take the free SE ranking test

did you try theSE Ranking Keyword Suggestion Tool? Please let me know in the comments.

And please don't forget to share.

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