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job details

Application Instructions:

External Candidates:send yourto restorealreadyTo usescreen. Your application will automatically fill in your CV data, and you can check and update the data on the websitemy informationside.

Please add yourletter of interest and any other documentsrequired for the position, to the CV/CV upload section at the bottom of the pageMy experienceapplication page. to useselect filesbutton to add various documents, including cover letter and supporting documents. OMy experienceis the only option to add a cover letter and supporting documents attachments.Once you submit your application, you will not be able to modify it..

Current employees:apply from existingWork dayaccount. Do not apply through the website. Log in to Workday. Click Career and selectfind a job. Find an item and clickTo use. update yourEducationEUHistorical employment.

** Cover letter required for all positions and optional for facilities, campus services, and hospitality positions unless otherwise specified.Summary of job descriptionThe Measurement and Evaluation Researcher will work closely with the Senior Researcher in Vocational Schools to facilitate and guide PLCPS staff and faculty in developing student character and leadership in a consistent, consistent and effective manner. This person will be primarily responsible for measuring and evaluating the impact of the Program's work as a whole.Job description

Basic functions:

Leading measurement and evaluation in PLCPS to measure impact.

The researcher will:

  • Provide input from a senior researcher at vocational schools to develop a set of annual targets and clear results for the PLCPS (separate but combined with grant results) in relation to measurement and evaluation.
  • Provide measurement and evaluation consultations with various PLCPS members who provide faculty training/advising and student development/advisory work.
  • Collaborate with a senior researcher at vocational schools to organize and conduct workshops for PLCPS where a variety of research methodologies are shared so that all team members develop a shared understanding of a variety of methodological approaches and analytical strategies.
  • Evaluate interventions or courses created by a development team and conduct empirical research to test new theories or strategies for changing behaviors and attitudes.
  • Manage the conceptualization, design, administration, and analysis of longitudinal research in vocational schools at WFU and associated colleges/universities to assess the impact of vocational education on character formation and well-being.
  • Create new survey scales or instruments as needed to answer specific research questions.
  • Manage multiple research studies at the same time.
  • Upload and manage research ethics, including IRB applications and renewals.
  • Participate in and lead the gradual dissemination of research results in the form of journal articles, publications in the popular press, and presentations at seminars and conferences.
  • Work closely and collaborate with the Education and Character Assessment Scientist in all aspects of conducting your research.

Other features:

  • Attend the organization's conferences/symposia/summits to share your findings with others in higher education and beyond, and bring together academics, experts and industry leaders to share your needs and approaches in a space of character and leadership.

Education, knowledge, skills and abilities required:

  • Doctorate in the discipline of social sciences.
  • Strong, documented quantitative and qualitative research skills and publication record.
    • Experience in conducting experiments or research with different populations.
    • Comfort and ability to use statistics to assess changes in small samples.
    • Knowledge and experience in various methods of qualitative analysis.
  • Strong and proven experience or interest in character and leadership development strategies and tools.
  • Excellent writing, research and communication skills.
  • Strongly motivated internally to create great and influential work.
  • Creative problem solving.
  • Highly collaborative.
  • Interested and excited to work in an interdisciplinary team.
  • Flexible, creative, bold and open to research approaches and methodologies.
  • Attentive to detail and sensitive to context.
  • It can contribute to high-level research conceptualization and fine details of research design and administration.
  • Experience in submitting IRB applications.
  • Strong, proven time management skills to manage multiple ongoing research projects (at various stages of the research process) and a variety of stakeholders.
  • Open to being a mentor and receiving constructive feedback and regular assessments.
  • Interested and able to learn quickly and independently.
  • Willingness to follow directions and eventually take the lead on research as work experience is gained.


  • Responsible for your own work

Please provide the following mandatory documents (containing all required information).They must be presented at the time of application. Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered. We encourage applicants to apply by June 1, 2023:

  • Cover letter (no more than 2 pages and addressed to selection committee members)
    • Please articulate your reasons for being interested in this field of programming and empirical research and in this specific role; explain how your experience and knowledge suit you for this position.
    • If you have conducted research using only quantitative or qualitative methodologies, please justify your approach to using both approaches in this project and how you intend to fill gaps in your methodological knowledge (the program may provide the successful candidate with resources to develop necessary methodological skills).
    • Provide examples of high-level organizational, administrative, and interpersonal skills, including (if applicable) coordinating and managing multiple studies simultaneously.
  • Research statement (no more than 3 pages)
    • Please provide examples of 2-4 research studies you could create for vocational schools (i.e. the specific vocational schools we work with: law and medicine) and describe the measurement and evaluation methods and procedures you intend to use and any potential pitfalls that you can see.
    • If possible, describe how technologies, techniques, and methodologies that are new and perhaps rare in the social sciences can be valuable in answering research questions that may be relevant to cultivating leadership and character in vocational schools.
    • Please also suggest and describe some programming strategies you would suggest to faculty and PLCPS members and the ways you would like to integrate these into curricular and extracurricular programming or students' personal time.
  • Curriculum vitae
  • 2 written samples demonstrating your research and programming expertise (with at least 1 illustrating some of your methodological expertise).
  • The names of the 3 judges we can contact or request a written recommendation.

The position can start as early as July 2023, although the start date is flexible depending on availability and the current date. For more information, please contact Vocational Schools Senior Researcher Ananthi Al Ramiah,

Additional job descriptionTime type requirementsTotal timeNote to applicant:This job profile identifies key responsibilities and performance expectations. It cannot cover all specific tasks that an employee can perform. Employees are required to comply with any other work-related instructions and perform work-related tasks that may reasonably be assigned by their supervisor.In order to provide safe, productive learning and a vibrant community, Wake Forest University conducts background checks and drug testing for all final employee candidates considered for employment.Zke Forest strives to recruit and retain a diverse workforce while fostering an inclusive work environment that strives for excellence in the spirit of Pro Humanitate.In accordance with applicable law and in accordance with University policy, the University prohibits discrimination in its employment practices based on race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, information genetics, disability, and veteran status andencourages qualified applicants from all demographics to apply.


Wake Forest University, founded in 1834, has experienced decades of growth and innovation. WFU is a distinguished university that combines a liberal arts core with graduate and professional schools and innovative research programs. The university embraces the professor-academic ideal that values ​​personal interaction between students and professors. It is a place where exceptional teaching, fundamental research and discovery, and faculty and student engagement in the classroom and lab are paramount.

Wake Forest University is a community that seeks the enlightenment and freedom that comes from diligent study and study. Its overarching goal, however, is to revive the university's motto "Pro Humanitate" as members translate their passion for knowledge into compassionate service. The community shares a tradition that embraces freedom and integrity and recognizes the worth of the individual. Established by the school's founders and nurtured by successive generations, the heritage promotes the spirit of democracy resulting from open-mindedness and discourse. Wake Forest promotes compassion and concern for others. Its strength and collective character derive from each individual's distinct values ​​and experiences; therefore, it affirms the richness of the human intellect and culture and its contribution to knowledge, faith, reason and dialogue. In addition, it seeks to create a society where goodwill, respect and equality prevail. To that end, Wake Forest University rejects hatred and bigotry in any form and promotes fairness, honor and mutual trust.

The university consists of: an undergraduate college, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Business, the School of Divinity, the School of Law, and the School of Medicine (located on the Bowman Gray campus with Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center) and today enrolls approximately 4,846 undergraduate students and 2,823 graduate students at its primary location, the Reynold Campus. Wake Forest University students enjoy extensive access to and interaction with world-class faculty, both in and out of the classroom, with a student-to-faculty ratio of 11:1. Wake Forest employs approximately 2,772 full-time faculty and staff and part time.

Wake Forest is a collegiate college offering a vibrant intellectual community with a rich cultural life, an impressive array of facilities and a strong athletics program that rivals the fifteen members of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). Since its founding, the university has adopted the motto "for Humanityas exemplified by a deep institutional commitment to public service and commitment to the world. Wake Forest is strongly committed to the eight-dimensional holistic well-being of students, faculty and staff, as evidenced by the reportThriveinitiative.

Winston-Salem, Carolina do Norte

Wake Forest is located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, a beautiful mid-size city located in the center of the Piedmont-Triad region of North Carolina. Winston-Salem is a family-friendly city with top-quality schools, countless recreational activities and outdoor events, and known for its vibrant and thriving arts scene.

Winston-Salem residents enjoy close proximity to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains (1.5 hours) and Atlantic beaches (4 hours), a temperate climate with four distinct seasons, a very reasonable cost of living, and an eclectic array of restaurants, wineries, and restaurants. breweries for dinner with friends and family. Winston-Salem offers many of the amenities of a big city, but with the community feel and quality of life of a smaller city (

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