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Talk to your teacher during office hours and ask questions about the classroom assignment. Writing advisors often recommend showing your faculty member the work you've done on the assignment and coming up with specific questions in mind.

Read in the genre in which you will write. For example, if you are writing a master's thesis in applied psychology, be sure to read recent work, especially by recent UNL graduates, to get an idea of ​​the expected characteristics of your project. Advisers, faculty members, and research librarians can help find related examples.

The resources listed below are suggestions and are not a substitute for talking to experts in a given field or reading guidance texts.


General information on how to write on a specific subject

  • UNL Libraries"Technical and study guide"Links to research librarians, guides to specific classes, subject guides to related classes, and many include links to major journals and citation style information.

  • Those at the University of VermontDicas Tutorialrepresent ten years of writing consultancy in specific disciplines of the arts, humanities, social sciences, and STEM subjects. All submissions are screened and often include sample articles and interviews with Vermont professors with recommendations for writing in their respective fields. The Graduate Writing Centerpage of resourcescontains specific information for graduate writers.

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Writing in the Humanities

OUNL Library Research Guide to the Arts and HumanitiesLinks to sites on English, history, graphic design, great plains studies, and women's and gender studies.

Literary Analysis and In-depth Reading

  • Loyola University Marylanddescribes important considerations for writing works of literary analysis with information from various literary sources, and lists key issues important for analyzing certain passages.

  • OUNL English Library Guidecontains links to dictionaries, anthologies, and databases. These sources are particularly useful for finding sources and more information about specific literary terms. There is an additionalGuide to film and theater arts studieswhich contains information about diversity, ethics and creativity in film.

Historical Analysis

  • OUniversity of Montana Writing Centerprovides a guide to writing in history courses with example paragraphs from an analytical essay.

  • ORuger's StoryProfessors Matt Matsuda and John Gillis have prepared a brief guide for undergraduates that specifically emphasizes the purposes of historical writing, a description of the main questions used by faculty for evaluation, and the example of Chicago (14thºEd.) Quotes.

  • Das Harvard Writing Center"Write the history book"This page contains much of the same information as the two sources above and includes quotes from other helpful sources on writing in history courses.

  • OUNL History Library Manualcontains links to information about secondary source databases, information about locating primary sources, and catalog entries for reference works.

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  • OUNL Philosophical Library Guidecontains links to databases of dissertations, scholarly articles, and printed books.

  • Das Harvard Writing Center"Brief Instructions for Writing the Philosophy Paper"uses examples to describe conventions in philosophy, such as B. defining technical terms, responding to thesis objections, and using evidence.

  • Professor of Philosophy of Language at the University of North CarolinaJim Pryordescribes his guidelines for writing a philosophical work. This page features several examples of philosophical reasoning and paper structure. Pryor's website also contains links to pages on reading philosophy, an introduction to the problems of philosophy, and links to other philosophy-related resources.

Writing in the visual and performing arts

artist statement

  • The Cleveland Institute of Art has several pages dedicated to writing artist statements. O"Write an artist statement"Page describes general writing tips and brainstorming exercises designed to introduce artwork to gallery visitors. O"Information at the Library of the Cleveland Institute of Art"briefly describes several useful books on the writing process of fine artists, as well as links to websites containing artist testimonials. Many of these resources can be found through the UNL library catalog system.

Creative and imaginative writing

Writing center consultants can support creative authors through all idea generation and publication phases of their writing process.

  • Purdue NOMs"Creative Writing"The subpage describes the basic elements of various genres of fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. These pages also contain links to other books on creative writing. Purdue OWL also has a"Pro Resources for Creative Writers"Page describing typical characteristics in an application letter and biographical note. O"Activities for remote creative writing classes"Page describes several brainstorming exercises, such as imitating a favorite writer's writing style, experimenting with unusual sentence structures, and writing two versions of a fairy tale.

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  • OUNL's Creative Writing Programin the English department offers workshops, literary internships and publishing opportunities, as well as public speaking engagements by renowned creative writers. The most important resources include the literary publicationsprairie schoonerELaurus, the Creative Writing Reading Series, and the department's award-winning faculty.

  • ONebraska Writers' Collectiveis a local non-profit organization focused on creative writing and regularly collaborates with UNL students. You can also search social media and local newspapers for names of other writing groups, organizations, and publishers that focus on creative writing.

Writing in the Social and Behavioral Sciences

  • See also literature reviews and IMRaD format

  • Das UCLA Writing Center"Writing in the Social and Educational Sciences"The page provides links to many helpful writing resources, including workshop videos, article publishing recommendations, and scholarship writing tips.

  • The UNL Libraries"Psychology"E"Sociology"Research guides provide links to books on subject-specific research methods.

  • The UNL libraries provide a"data management"Guide providing information on storing and naming data for quantitative and qualitative researchers. The page contains links to information security, retention, and sharing, among other things.

  • a UNL"Research Center for Methodology and Evaluation"offers consultations and workshops related to writing grants and research methodologies with a focus on the areas of social and behavioral sciences.

Writing to STEM fields

Write lab reports

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  • Die der University of North Carolina"Scientific Report"The page describes the main purposes of the lab report functionality and provides recommendations such as communicating with lab partners and considering whether active or passive speech is acceptable for a particular report. the related"sciences"The booklet also provides general descriptions of accurate vocabulary, phrases and sentence structures.

IMRaD format

  • Das Texas A & M Writing Center"Lab Reports"The page describes the main characteristics of the Introduction, Methods, Results, Analysis and Discussion (IMRaD) organizations. This page also contains links to pages on accessibility in academic writing and the practice of academic writing.

write research grants

  • Die der University of North Carolina"Make suggestions (or give me the money!)"This page describes the research funding application process and contains a sample budget proposal.

  • Karen Kelsky from The Professor Is In blog shares them"Foolproof Donation Proposal."The model ranges from naming a general theme, showing how current knowledge is incomplete, and describing the author's specific project. Kelsky also outlines the key features of the suggested templates with examples. This blog also provides links to other science-related writing advice, including Kelsky's phrases to avoid when writing research grants and reports.

  • UNL Libraries"Scholarships and Funding Sources"The page contains links to research and writing resources for UNL students and Nebraska residents. The library system provides access to the Foundation Center grant database, research librarians, and a grant writing guide.

Writing in professional and applied fields

  • View Personal Statements, Cover Letters and Resumes

write publicly

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