ManageEngine Plus Mobile Device Manager Review (2023)

As we have recent reviewsmobile device management(MDM) ManageEngine, a division of Zoho Corporation, has been working to fully support the latest versions of Android and iOS platforms to support the included enrollment methods. This was an area where we found this product to be lacking in a previous review, and we're happy to see this addressed. While ManageEngine MDM supports all four Android enterprise management kits and zero-touch enrollment, it still lags behind in terms of reporting and device enrollment workflow. However, it's all that makes this product lag behind the "Editor's Choice" winners,VMware Air WatchEUIBMMaaS360.

In addition to working on the feature set, ManageEngine has made concerted efforts to partner with leading mobile OEMs. This list includes Lenovo, Sony, Samsung, and WishTel for the most up-to-date control of these manufacturers' devices. They also integrate with other IT management solutions, including their ownManage the Plus Engine Maintenance Department, Atlassian It's meZendesk Supportto ensure a seamless product offering for device management andTechnical supportspace. New public APIs also make it easier to integrate with other products.

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AsQUIT MobiControland IBM MaaS360, ManageEngine MDM can also manage Windows and Mac desktops and mobile devices. While we did not specifically test these features, we noticed that they were available during our work with this product.

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Device installation and registration

Starting a ManageEngine trial requires you to fill in the relevant contact details on their website. Upon completion, you will be taken to the login page where you can get started right away. They also offer a local downloadable version. This version is free for up to twenty-five devices. ManageEngine has a handy set of videos to help you get started quickly.

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Device enrollment is an area where we've seen significant improvements since our last review. For Android devices, you can now use the NFC method to quickly enroll new devices with minimal user interaction. New Android devices can be set up with a special Google account during initial device setup. Apple Enrollment options include Apple Enrollment (ABM/ASM), Apple Configurator, APNs Certificate, and ManageEngine MDM. The user self-registration scenario is a bit complicated and requires you to enter information into the ManageEngine MDM app instead of using a QR code.

cleaning process toSamsung Galaxy S9phone and registering it as a corporate device took just a few minutes. The special email address used during device startup downloads the ManageEngine client, then scanning the QR code on the PC screen completes the process. When finished, the device will appear in the list of unassigned devices. From there, you can download the CSV file of all unassigned devices and make the appropriate user corrections. The upload button on the same screen allows you to assign new devices from the revised CSV file.

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management interface

The first thing you see when you log in to your Mobile Device Manager Plus account is a dashboard that displays device, application, and platform information in graphical and numeric format. The recent activity feed on the right side of the dashboard shows active social media notes for system events. You can also rearrange various widgets to present interesting information in a way that matches your main areas of interest.

Selecting a single device on the Inventory page shows a lot of information. The Location Data tab shows a world map with icons for different devices. If you click on the icon on the map, you will see device information and buttons to enable Lost Mode, Remote Lock and Enterprise Wipe. The map search box allows you to search for lost devices by name or user to locate the device on the map.

For Samsung Android devices, you can create a Knox container for more secure data protection. This can be done through the policy app or on a per-device basis in the Actions menu. Other actions available from this menu include the ability to launch a remote session to view the device in the ManageEngine console. Unlike this feature, this feature is fully integrated into the system.AppTec360EUBaramundi Management Packthat require an external third-party tool. You can also locate your device, lock it, erase it, and reset everything using the Actions menu.

The reporting tools available in ManageEngine MDM are extensive and some of the best in this roundup. An extensive list of predefined reports generates most of the information you'll want to see. If you need more, you can create a query-based report using a SQL-like language. While this gives you the ability to customize, it's definitely not the easiest method we've come across. However, it is functional and you can also schedule reports to run periodically and email the results for administrative review.

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Price list

List price for ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus Cloud Professional edition is $2 per device per month. On-premises it costs $1.50 per device per month and is paid for with an annual subscription. For small businesses, it offers a full free version to manage up to 25 devices. While not the cheapest solution on our MDM chart, the numbers are certainly competitive, especially for small and medium business (SMB) customers.

Overall, we found ManageEngine MDM to be a powerful product with improved features over our previous review. Pricing puts the ManageEngine MDM offering at the forefront of its class in terms of features and cost, with only minor differences in the registration process and report customization. It's a really robust product, available both in the cloud and on-premises, that can meet the needs of companies of all sizes, including enterprise customers.

ManageEngine Plus Mobile Device Manager


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  • Updated user interface and reporting tools

  • Easy actions to perform on individual devices


  • Slightly complicated device self-registration process.

  • Custom reports require SQL knowledge


Always an efficient product, ManageEngine MDM has only improved since our previous review. While not as advanced as its top-tier competition, ManageEngine's price and overall feature set keep it at the top of the MDM list.

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