House - mobility rental (2023)

rent and sale


manual wheelchair

and mobility equipment

Mobile solutions so you can enjoy complete autonomy


Equipment for RENT

Select the equipment and days you need.
We will deliver to the address or hotel and pick up.

electric scooter

From €20.00/day



From €5.00/day


elevator for patients

From €12.00/day


articulated bed

From €15.00/day


  • Great customer service. The scooter was like new.
    We asked for it to be delivered and it was waiting at the hotel reception for our arrival. It was collected soon after... Read the review

    Thank you Carlos.

    We recommend this company and will use again.

    House - mobility rental (5) cartoon 1892

    Great customer service. The scooter was like new.
    We asked for it to be delivered and it was waiting at the hotel reception for our arrival. It was collected soon after... Read the review

    Thank you Carlos.

    We recommend this company and will use again.

    House - mobility rental (6) David - -Safer Sidewalks

    Perfect in every way, scooter was in excellent condition, delivered to and picked up at the hotel. I will definitely use this company again, great service. 👏

    House - mobility rental (7) Scott McKenzie

    Excellent service. Good quality solid scooter delivered on time and collected after we left. Very happy with the service we will be using again.

    House - mobility rental (8) Georgina Cutler

  • Excellent service! Quick response to communication, delivery exactly as expected, easy to overcome language barrier when explaining how to use, all finances and paperwork perfect - and Carlos was so... Read the review

    House - mobility rental (9) Lynn Feeney

    This is the second time we have rented a mobility scooter from Mobility Rent Alicante. Carlos was extremely helpful, communication was easy and the service really was second to none.
    Will be... Read the review

    House - mobility rental (10) Michael Braniff

    Excellent service. Get dropped off directly at your hotel. Thd machine was great. Easy to order. I was very satisfied.

    House - mobility rental (11) Fergala McCanna

    The wheelchair was waiting at the hotel reception when I arrived. At the end of the first day I had a small problem with the wheelchair. The replacement wheelchair was delivered early... Read the review

    I recommend this company.

    They delivered on time. They fixed the problem in record time. Thanks.

    House - mobility rental (12) Tommy'ego Dixona

  • Scooter rental is a great company! They score high on customer communication and are extremely friendly. When the scooter was delivered, the person showed me how to do it.... Read the review

    House - mobility rental (13) Kelley Street era

    Carlos' attention was excellent. Very grateful for the service and help.

    House - mobility rental (14) Guard Ava

    This was my wife's first time needing a mobility scooter. Carlos was extremely helpful, bringing it to the hotel and showing him how to use it. I would recommend Mobility... Read the review

    House - mobility rental (15) Keith Christie

    They were really nice and I had no issues with the scooter I rented from them.
    Very comfortable and formal with rental renewal fees.
    happy with the service... Read the review

    House - mobility rental (16) Ewa Herlo

  • Very cool. I have very good experiences

    House - mobility rental (17) Francisco Absc

    100% recommended. Carlos' attention is unbeatable.
    As for the rented car, cost benefit, versatility and price: Excellent, they are new cars and super optimized battery.
    Not to mention how easy it is to wear... Read the review

    House - mobility rental (18) Jose Torresa

    We rented a wheelchair for my mum while on vacation and the service was fantastic. Carlos was very helpful. I recommend this company.

    House - mobility rental (19) Jan Luker

    Great service from start to finish. I can't fault anything and I'm glad I chose them. Reasonable rates too. Finally, the scooter I had looked practically branded... Read the review

    House - mobility rental (20) Simon Heps

  • Fantastic service with the courtesy of a scooter while the scooter was serviced at reliable and reasonable prices.

    House - mobility rental (21) Walker Samanty

    Exceptional treatment, advising and offering every convenience in delivery and collection. Great price. I recommend it 100%

    House - mobility rental (22) gemma ortiz

    Very friendly and helpful staff and excellent service. I can highly recommend this company.

    House - mobility rental (23) Adam Jacobson

    Great service keep you informed about the drilling process highly recommended

    House - mobility rental (24) Heather Airns

  • What a fantastic service. We couldn't have asked for more. From the first appointment the service was impeccable. Friendly and efficient. The scooter was delivered to... Read the review

    House - mobility rental (25) Michaela Heathcote

    from the moment we arrived at Alicante Mobility Rent they went out of their way to be helpful. My equipment was not suitable for my accommodation, mobility rent was not paid until they did... Read the review

    House - mobility rental (26) Greek Sumnera

    Very good service, professional and reliable. I can really recommend them and I will definitely contact them again next time I visit Alicante.

    House - mobility rental (27) Niki Parwaresz

House - mobility rental (28)

Payment methods
Credit card, Bizum, bank transfer or cash.

House - mobility rental (29)

Delivery and return home or hotel
We take care of everything.

House - mobility rental (30)

Rent with ownership option
Check out the available models and make no mistake when choosing the equipment.

House - mobility rental (31)

Individual financing tailored to your capabilities.

House - mobility rental (32)

Phone and Whatsapp support
During business hours.

House - mobility rental (33)

Commitment to immediacy.
We know how important it is to always have mobility equipment with you.

House - mobility rental (34)

Exhibition of various makes and models
With a fleet of replacement teams.

House - mobility rental (35)

Official Technical Service
We have our own workshop in Jijona (Alicante).


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Common questions

If you have any problems, please contact us.

Where can I meet you and what time?

Our physical store is located at Calle Pintor Aparicio 9, in the city of Alicante. Opening hours are from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 14:00. and from 16:00 to 19:00 Saturdays from 10:00 to 14:00. We are closed on Saturday afternoons, Sundays and holidays.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us through the customer service telephone numbers (+34) 965159733 and via WhatsApp (+34) 648841256, by email at and through the forms you will find on our website. You can also follow us on our social networks on Facebook and Instagram.

What forms of payment are accepted?

You can pay for your purchases in person by credit card (Visa or Mastercard), cash, bank transfer or Bizum. If you can't go to our facilities or want to pay comfortably at home, you can pay for your purchases with all types of cards with maximum security through the Stripe portal.

Can I get equipment for home or hotel?

Yes, we deliver and collect your equipment wherever you indicate, paying for the relocation service (the cost varies depending on the location). Delivery to the hotels takes place at the reception before your arrival and we will pick you up the working day after your departure, so that you can enjoy your team until the last minute. We do not carry out deliveries and/or collections at home/hotel on Saturday afternoons, Sundays and holidays.

Why should I buy mobility equipment from you?

You will always be under the care of professionals. All of our devices are guaranteed, we also provide our technical service and provide replacement equipment FREE of charge in case of breakage or overhaul, which is not offered by any factory in the region. In addition, we have a stationery shop where we can advise you and help you find the best solution for you.

I want to fix my equipment, do you have technical service?

Yes, we have our own technical service and workshop. With us you can repair your e-scooter, electric chair, hand chair, transport crane, articulated beds... If you bought your equipment with us, we leave you replacement equipment while yours is repaired. If you have not purchased it at our facilities, it has a fixed cost (to be consulted).

Do you have spare parts or parts for my equipment? What guarantee do they have?

Yes, we stock spare parts and parts from major companies such as Invacare, B&B, Apex Medical, Forta, Totalcare, Sunrise Medical, Teyder... or spare parts. 3 years on sale of new equipment or original spare parts. 3 months for repairs or installation services. Ask us what you need and we'll let you know without obligation.


contact us

    We are Mobility Rent and we are committed to providing freedom and autonomy to people with reduced mobility.

    Each of us, at any time in our lives, may be faced with a situation where our mobility will be temporarily or permanently limited. At Mobility Rent we will help you find the best solution for your mobility problems:

    limited mobility scooter


    manual wheelchairh3>,

    adjustable bed


    patient lifts

    We are specialists in the area of ​​equipment for people with reduced mobility and we put all our knowledge at your disposal, because your freedom and independence are the most important thing for us. . problems with equipment with reduced mobility, you will have the support of our technical service and own workshop

    limited mobility scooter repair


    limited mobility scooter repair


    limited mobility scooter repair


    wheelchair repair


    wheelchair spare parts


    wheelchair reviews

    As industry experts, we'll help you find the best solution: you're sure to choose exactly what you need. Trust your mobility to true professionals.

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