Announcing Public Preview of VMware Horizon with Microsoft Windows 365 (2023)

In today's dynamic business landscape, organizations need solutions that allow their employees to work from anywhere and increase productivity. Desktop and application virtualization is at the forefront of providing more secure access to resources and greater flexibility for employees. As businesses grow, technology must adapt too. For this reason, cloud solutions have gained prominence, offering the infrastructure scalability and ease of access that organizations need to remain agile.

To guarantee ourHorizonte VMwarecustomers have the most flexible deployment options, we've partnered with Microsoft to deliver a new value-added solution that extends Windows 365 to Horizon. Last year inVMware Explore a Europa, VMwareannounce our collaborative effortswith Microsoft to extend Windows 365 to Horizon. We are pleased to announce that the solution is now available in public preview.Sign up for a public previewto experience the solution firsthand.

Windows 365Securely streams your customized Windows desktop, apps, settings, and content from the Microsoft cloud to your Windows 365 cloud PC. Team Microsoft Windows Cloud Experience. Horizon's support for Azure Virtual Desktop has played an important role in helping customers manage their journey to the hybrid cloud. Now, VMware Horizon administrators will also be able to share and stream more secure and personalized Windows 365 cloud PCs to users through Intune or the existing Horizon management console.”

Existing on-premises Horizon customers can add Windows 365 to their deployment. This will provide the following:

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  • leveraging Horizon's hybrid cloud support through a single interface
  • providing state-of-the-art displays and reliable remoting capabilities with the Blast protocol
  • access to full application lifecycle management
  • End User Proxy in Windows 365

“VMware and Microsoft have worked together for years to deliver innovative cloud solutions that enable the modern workforce to work remotely,” said Shikha Mittal, Senior Director of Product Management, VMware Horizon Cloud. “We are excited to extend our partnership to Windows 365 and bring VMware's industry-leading value to a new category of PCs and support all types of end users. Customers can now seamlessly add Windows 365 to their Horizon deployments to support a variety of use cases.”

Let's take a closer look at how Horizon supports hybrid cloud to easily expand on-premises deployments with the simplicity of Windows 365.

Flexible deployment options with hybrid cloud support

Horizon's integration with Windows 365 allows organizations to deploy Windows 365 alongside Horizon 8 and Horizon Cloud. This feature gives organizations the flexibility to run workloads when needed. The integration allows end users to access Horizon virtual desktops and applications — and Windows 365 cloud PCs — through the familiar Horizon client or Windows 365 user portal for seamless access to productivity applications. Customers will use Microsoft Intune to deploy, configure, and manage Windows 365 cloud PCs. With Intune, Horizon administrators will be able to manage Cloud PC compliance, conditional access policies, and device settings. At the same time, the Horizon Client will mediate access to the Cloud PCs.

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Announcing Public Preview of VMware Horizon with Microsoft Windows 365 (2)

IT administrators can conveniently manage end-user permissions to access Windows 365 cloud computers on the Horizon Client running Windows 365 on the Horizon Universal Console. This integration simplifies operations for both end users and administrators, optimizing the overall desktop experience.

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Better employee experience with Blast Extreme

Delivery protocol and network stability play a key role in virtual deployments, ensuring a smooth and satisfying experience. VMware Blast Extreme's high definition protocol provides a rich set of remote functions. Thanks to the incredible responsiveness, end users can enjoy high-quality displays even on graphics-intensive, 3D, or high-resolution displays (up to 8K). These views reflect the local computer user experience and are highly responsive. Blast also offers enhanced audio and video support for leading collaboration solutions including Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx and Zoom for a better calling and video experience. Regardless of how and where end users connect to the network or what type of device they use, Blast's feature-rich performance extends to Windows 365 cloud PCs for a better user experience.

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Extensive support for devices and peripherals

Horizon offers extensive support for most operating systems including Windows, macOS, iOS, Google ChromeOS, Android and Linux. This compatibility gives customers the flexibility to access desktops and applications from any device. Approved by VMwareperipherals- such as scanners, phones and webcams - are compatible with VMware services and can be used with Windows 365 for a more personalized experience. Remote support features such as USB drive and printer redirection further enhance the Cloud PC experience and adapt to the user's local PC environment.

Simplified application management with application volumes

application volumesmodernizes application management, making it easy to provision, update, assign, and manage application lifecycles in real time across on-premises and cloud-based Horizon deployments. Its unique approach separates applications from the operating system so end users get a lasting experience even in a non-persistent environment. With App Volumes, traditional application installation is not required, simplifying desktop image management and accelerating the delivery of applications to users. In addition, applications can be easily updated, retired or deleted without the need to update the desktop image. VMware continues to work with Microsoft to ensure seamless application delivery. By extending application delivery and management from Windows to Windows 365, App Volumes can enable access to all applications, including legacy enterprise applications on PCs in the cloud. App Volumes supports many versions of Windows and different types of Windows applications.

Easier UAG management withHorizon remote access service

Ensuring that the right end users have secure access to internal resources is of paramount importance to organizations deploying virtual desktops and applications. In typical on-premises deployments, VMware Unified Access Gateway (UAG) serves this purpose by routing authenticated requests to the appropriate resource and rejecting any unauthenticated requests. However, customers must deploy and manage their UAGs. In addition to Horizon, the Horizon Remote Access service removes the burden of hosting and managing UAG. This hosted service offers a scalable solution that delivers all the security benefits of UAG without administrative steps. It provides end users with a single point of access with more secure access to Windows 365 desktops and cloud computers, further improving the user experience and simplifying overall operations.

Horizon for Windows 365 is now in public preview

For customers looking to enjoy the full benefits of Horizon after upgrading to Windows 365, the Public Preview is the perfect opportunity to explore what's possible.Sign upnow and try.

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Read more about what's new in this Microsoftblog.

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